Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm finally catching on!

Jenny shares her trip to Walgreens:

I had such an amazing day at Walgreens and definitely had to share.  My sister has always been quick to understand how register rewards (RR) work and how to maximize her savings there... I've been observing and reading her blog posts, and just patiently waiting to completely 'get it'.

Today (Thursday) it happened.  I GOT IT!

Before we went, i cut out my coupons for both Walgreens and from Sunday's paper.  I had a few big items that I wanted to get (razors and body wash).

I remember Lindsey telling me to use my RR items in a separate transaction so I can redeem the earned RR with the second transaction.

Here is what I did:
First I got all those RR items together:
Transaction #1--
* Schick razors (coupon for $2 off)
*Venus razor (earned RR for $4, + coupon for $3 off)
* Dove body soap (earned RR for $6, + coupon for $1.50 off)
* Olay body soap (free with the sunday paper coupon when I purchase any Venus razor),
* Pictureka game ($5 off coupon from online)

Total: $17.76     Saved: $25.24        RR earned: $10  

Transaction #2--  (warning: a bunch of junk food for weekend events haha!)
* Vday bags
* Gummy bears 
* 3 theater size candy
* gold fish
* 2 Dawn dish soap  (WAG coupon, $.99 each)
* 2 Lindsey olives (WAG coupon, $1.29 each)
* 5 Vday cups

Total: $16.41   Saved: $20.34   RR REDEEMED: $14.00    New Total: $2.41

Total with both transactions together I spent: $17.76+ $2.41=    $20.17

**not pictured: olives and theater size candy**

Isn't that SOOOO exciting?  I couldn't believe it, and am still VERY excited about it!

The key is to be organized and know what you want in each transaction.  They don't mind doing 2 separate transactions so you can redeem the RR right away.  It just makes more sense for us traveling so far just to hit these sales...

What shopping trips have you been excited about??

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