Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tamura's week 01/13-26

Ani's pan sweet bread $3.79
Love's kids white bread $1.99
Love's jumbo bread $3.49
Love's Donettes $3.29
Diamond bakery crackers $2.99
Love's Hawaii hearth breads $2.29

Wesson oil 2/$5
C&H pure cane sugar, 5 lb. $3.69

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mtn Dew or Mug Rootbeer, 12-pk cans $6.49 (yikes)
Coca cola classic, Diet Coke, Sprite, Coke Zero, 24-pk $6.99
Best Yet apple juice 64-oz. $1.79
Nestle hot cocoa mix (mini marshmallow or rich chocolate) 10-pk, 2/$3
Meadow Gold 100% orange juice, reg or w/calcium 1/2 gal. 2/$5.50
Meadow Gold Drinks or Iced teas, assorted 1/2 gal. $.99
Meadow Gold nectars or POG, assorted 1/2 gal. $1.79
Tropicana 100% orange juice, assorted 1/2 gal. $3.99
Tampico drinks 1-gal. 2/$5.00

Sea Alaska pink salmon, 14.75 oz. $1.69
Libby's canned corned beef hash, 15 oz. $1.59
Austral canned corned beef, 12 oz $1.79
Best yet canned pineapple $.89
Western Family pitted olives large, 6 oz $1.29
Nestle Carnation evaporated milk, regular 12-oz $1.09
Campbell's family-size chicken noodle soup $2.19
Campbell's family-size cream of mushroom 26 oz $2.19
Armour treet 12-oz 2/$3
Van Camp kidney beans $.89

Best Yet old fashioned spread 45-oz. $3.49
Meadow Gold yogurts 6-oz 2/$1.59
Foremost ice cream or sherbets 56-oz. $3.59
Dairyland milk 1 gal $5.29

Cheeseburger, French fries with small drink $4.29


Pillsbury Toaster strudel 11.5oz 2/$4.50
Orieda toaster hash brown 7-oz $1.79
Zippy's frozen meals 20-24 oz $4.99
Digiorno pizza 2/$12.00
Pictsweet frozen veggies 16-oz $1.29
Red Baron pizza 2/$7.00

Nabisco Oreo Cookies, value box (52.5 oz) $6.99
Hershey's Candies 8-pk 4/$5
Funyuns onion flavored snacks $2.79
David sunflower seeds, 14.5 oz (large bag) $1.69
Tamura's Calrose rice, 20 lb bag. $11.99
Best Yet real mayo 32-oz, $2.19
Kellogg's Frosted mini-wheats bite size strawberry or blueberry 16-16.3-oz $3.49
Kellogg's Frosted mini-wheats little bites 14.5 oz or Special K w/blueberry 11.4-oz $3.29
Capt'n Crunch cereal $2.79
Krusteaz pancake mix 32-oz $2.09
Reynolds wrap aluminum foil 25sf $1.59
Best Yet foam plate 50 ct $2.09
Nestle's fun size bag candies $2.79
Nabisco nutter butter $3.49
Presto reclosable storage bags $1.89

ALL 2x liquid laundry detergent 50-oz, $5.69
Wise Choice bathroom tissue 6-roll, $3.69
Suavitel fabric softener $3.49
VO5 shampoo or conditioner $.99
Dove shampoo or conditioner 12 oz $3.99
Kotex pantiliners 18-22 ct $.99
Kotex maxi & ultra pads 14-24 ct $3.99
Aquafresh toothpaste $1.79
Ultra brite toothpaste 4/$5
J&J baby products $2.99
Vaseline lip therapy $.99
Vicks dayquil 20-ct $5.99
GE energy smart light bulb $3.99

Tamura's mixed arare 2/$5
Hakubai mochi rice $4.99
Nissin cup noodle 12 ct $5.49
Family coconut milk 2/$1.89
Lee Kum Kee Kum Chun Oyster sauce 17-oz $1.09
Shirakiku Tomoshiraga somen 8 oz 2/$1.00
S&B Golden curry 3.5 oz $2.09 (*on my Master list- good price!)
Aloha Shoyu 1/2 gal $3.99

USDA Choice boneless chuck roast $2.59/lb
Mainland frozen pork butt, $1.09/lb
Royal Feast chicken thighs, 5 lb box $4.79
Family pack regular ground beef (no more than 27% fat), $1.99/lb
USDA choice tri tip steak, regular cut $3.89/lb
USDA choice top sirloin steak $3.99/lb
USDA choice t-bone or porterhouse steak $6.49/lb
Hormel bacon black label, 12-oz 2/$5
Farmer John rope sausage pork or beef 14-16 oz $2.99
Bar-S jumbo franks or bun-length 16-oz $1.49
Bar-S extra lean premium deli ham or turkey 16-oz $2.89

Barbara's bakery cheese puffs $1.79
Nature's path organic granola $3.59
Full circle organic apple juice $4.99
Soy dreams 32-oz $2.39
Cento san marzano tomatoes $3.99
Knorr pasta sauce mixes 2/$3.00
Kentucky kernal seasoned flour $1.79
Imagine organic and natural soups 32-oz $3.29
Cardini caesar salad dressing $2.99
Emeril's canola cooking spray $2.69

Fancy Feast cat food 3-oz, 2/$1.29
Friskies canned cat food 5.5-oz, 2/$.99
Alley Cat food 15-lb, $7.99
Pedigree small crunchy bites dog food 40-lb bag, $20.99
Alpo Come & Get it dog food 17.6-lb, $8.59
Alpo canned dog food 13.2-oz $.89
Tidy cat litter 10-lb $2.49
Purina One biscuits lamb & rice 26-oz $2.69

Fresh head cabbage (whole) $.69/lb
Dole bananas $.89/lb
Loose navel oranges $.89/lb
Cello round onions 3-lb bag, $1.79
Cello carrots 1-lb bag $.89
Extra large tomatoes $1.79/lb

Pillsbury buttermilk biscuit 4-pk $2.39

Fresh Salmon filet $6.59/lb
Frozen butterfish steaks $6.49/lb
Frozen Omstead whole smelts, 2 lb bag. $6.49

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