Saturday, November 28, 2009

Savvy Saturday- Safeway shopping on 11/24

This might not look like much, but this was my best shopping trip ever!  I don't think I will ever be able to top it.  It was actually done in 2 transactions, by accident, but that ended up being the best idea!  The first transaction was everything but the 10 vitamin waters.  That came out to $96.37, but after the club card and paper coupons (found in the store) it was $70.18 and with eCoupons taken off, it came out to $24.31!  I also got a $5 register reward that I wasn't expecting, which I used on the vitamin water transaction, so that only ended up being $6 and change.  Total spent for these 42 items was $30.38!  

I did have some problems at the Mililani Safeway with the eCoupons but we called corporate so they can get that fixed.  Their manager admitted he had never even heard of the program!  We're going to stick to the Kaneohe store- things work so much better there and the store is laid out in a more common sense way.

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