Monday, November 16, 2009

Jenny's Savings results!!

So today was the first busy shopping for deals day! I wanted to see what results I would get from all the homework I did yesterday... So....(drum roll pleeeeeeease!)
In third place we have Longs which wasn't to shabby actually....

Spent: $16.03.... Saved: $9.70

In Second Place.... is Walgreens! They had awesome holiday sales!

Spent: $35.70.... Saved: $19.98
In FIRST PLACE and my personal favorite.... SAFEWAY! I was lovin' the Chewy Granola bar sale, and the Rice Sides sale!! Can you believe I got a package of Jumbo Huggies for $5... with my manufacturer coupons, and ecoupons I saved, saved, saved!! Woohoo! So I had double of everything and Voila!! 2 Jumbo Huggies for $10!!

Spent: $48.29.... Saved: $27.20
I can't wait to see Linds' savings.... she was rockin! One thing to keep in mind is... don't buy what you don't need. I'm in 'start over' mode instead of stocking up mode... so I am a bit pickier about what I buy. Linds has quite the energetic growing household of boys, so her lists, finds, sales, and savings are awesome for her situation! Keep that in mind. Maybe I fit your type of shopping... or maybe you fit Linds' type of shopping... Eithe way you have two perspectives on the same thing!
**is it bad i'm excited for the Midweek coupons/ads??** :D

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JLPierce Ohana said... has a $1 off of those Flipsides.